District Announcements

  • New Rochelle Welcomes More Than 50 New Educators in Orientation

    More than 50 educators new to the New Rochelle schools gathered for orientation in their new district on Thursday, as Superintendent Dr. Brian Osborne congratulated them for making it through an interview process that was “both competitive and rigorous.”

    “It is that way because we want to give the children of New Rochelle the best. And that’s what we believe we have before us here today,” Dr. Osborne told them in the Linda E. Kelly Theater at New Rochelle High School.

    The superintendent welcomed them to a district that treasures its diversity, which, he said, means more than merely accepting others.

    “Embracing our rich diversity is of a deeper quality than that,” Dr. Osborne told them. “It means that we actively welcome, celebrate, support and serve all of our students and our families and that the differences among us add value for all of us.”

    The newcomers were treated to coffee and bagels in the morning, followed by talks from school district leaders. New Rochelle Board of Education Vice President Maddali Atallah told them of the key role that teachers play in offering a great education.

    “We believe that the job is done in the classroom, with the children, and you are the most important element in that,” she said.

    The day’s events introduced them to much more than the school district of 11,000 students. City historian Barbara Davis told them of more than 300 years of New Rochelle history, beginning with the Siwanoy Indians who lived in the area before European settlers arrived. They also took a bus tour of the city’s schools, residences and points of interest.

    The newly hired educators were eager to begin teaching in schools across the district.

    “I’m looking forward to inspiring the students to learn another language, because that’s the future,” said Majid Benefar, a new French teacher at New Rochelle High School. “There are a lot of challenges ahead, but there will be a lot of great rewards in working through them.”

    Art teacher Daniela Marini’s classes will be at the William B. Ward Elementary School.

    “I’m so excited to be part of the team at Ward,” said Marini. “The administration is very strong, and I feel very supported by it.”

    Alex Urso, a new special education teacher at Jefferson Elementary School, said the orientation helped him ease into his new challenge.

    “I’m feeling confident and starting to get a little more comfortable with all the procedures,” he said. "I’ve heard all great things about the community and the schools. It is a fantastic opportunity.”
    As they got ready to begin their first classes in New Rochelle, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Joseph Williams told them that they had come to a great district in which to thrive professionally.

    “I am quite sure you are all going to have a productive and fulfilling career here in New Rochelle,” he said.

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • Home Access Center- Attention Parents and Guardians

    Please check with your specific building regarding the opening of Home Access. You may use the user IDs and passwords you have used before. If you have forgotten either of the 2, please e-mail nrhomeaccess@nredlearn.org. Registration for new users will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at City Hall on the 2nd floor.

    Thank you.

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • Opening Week Schedule for Students

    Wednesday, September 6, 2017

    Elementary - Half Day Dismissal at 11:40 a.m.


    8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. - 8th Grade

    9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. - 7th Grade

    10:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon - 6th Grade


    8:30 to 10:30 - 6th Grade

    10:00 to 11:00 - 7th Grade

    11:00 to 12:00 noon - 8th Grade


    9th Graders only -- full day

    no bus transportation on September 6

    Thursday, September 7, 2017

    Elementary - Full Day

    ALMS/IEYMS - Full Day

    NRHS - 9th and 10th graders full day, orientation for Grades 10, 11 & 12

    Friday, September 8, 2017

    NRHS -- All students full day

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • New Rochelle School District Regretfully Announces Passing of Special Education Teacher Lauren Denninger

    NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (August 20, 2017) – The City School District of New Rochelle is deeply saddened by the passing of Lauren Denninger, a special education teacher and facilitator at Isaac E. Young Middle School known for her devotion to her students.

    She passed away August 18 and had served the District for 19 years. She was 43 years old.

    “Lauren was a dedicated special educator who touched hundreds of children’s lives,” said Yvette Goorevitch, the New Rochelle schools Director of Special Education who hired Denninger in 1998.

    Denninger’s devotion to her students extended beyond the school day. She spent hours after school and weekends tutoring students to help their reading development.

    “Early on in her career, she sought training in the intensive Wilson Reading System teaching program, because she understood the importance of helping adolescents learn to read in order to forever change their lives,” Goorevitch said. “Lauren was a trusted colleague and friend. She was among the ‘coalition of the committed.’”

    Isaac E. Young Principal Anthony Bongo added; “Lauren's capacity to love students and staff created a climate of compassion and understanding that made it easier to accomplish very difficult tasks. Her humor, mixed with her fierce commitment to our school, made students and staff better.”

    “Lauren was an excellent teacher, a wonderful person and a tremendous asset to Isaac E. Young Middle School and the entire school community,” said schools Superintendent Dr. Brian Osborne. “She will be deeply missed by all.”

    “She had a lasting and profound impact on many students over the years,” said New Rochelle Board of Education President Rachel Relkin.

    Family and friends will gather on Monday, August 21st from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Coxe and Graziano Funeral Home, 767 East Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck, according to the notice on the funeral home’s website. A funeral Mass will be held on Tuesday, August 22nd at 10 a.m. at Saints John & Paul Roman Catholic Church, 280 Weaver Street, Larchmont. Interment will follow at St. Joseph's Cemetery in Toms River, New Jersey.

    Memorial donations in lieu of flowers can be made to NY Medical College of Cancer Research. In addition, donations can be made to a college fund for Denninger's daughter, Margaret.

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • Come Observe the Solar Eclipse!

    Head over to McKenna Football Field at New Rochelle High School at 2:30 pm on Monday August 21st to observe a Solar Eclipse! Special glasses will be handed out to all who attend. Additionally, telescopes with filters will also be available for observing. If you have any questions please send an email to smisner@nredlearn.org or bzeller@nredlearn.org. All parents, students, and community members are encouraged to attend!! Don't miss this rare event!

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • Attention Parents

    Registration for the Home Access Center will be held at City Hall, 515 North Avenue, 2nd Floor on the following days and times:
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - only - between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

    Please bring a form of identification for yourself, either a driver's license or passport.

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • 2017-2018 school budget review sessions begin March 9

    In preparation for the May 16 school budget vote, the City School District of New Rochelle Board of Education will be holding its 2017-2018 school budget review sessions. The district welcomes the community's input.

    The district's finance staff is working on crafting a proposed budget to present to the board for adoption at its April 19 meeting. Final numbers for the proposed budget will not be available until April. 

    Meetings will take place on March 9, 14 and 21 at 7 p.m. at the New Rochelle High School Library. All meetings will be broadcast live on the district's website and rebroadcast on Cablevision Channel 70 and Verizon FiOS Channel 30.

    Putting together a school budget in New York State is complex. The district continues to follow zero-based budgeting development practices, meaning all expenses must be justified for each new period, starting from a "zero base," with every function analyzed for its needs and costs.

    "We stay focused on what's most important, and that is providing the best educational programs and services to our students, while making sure everyone's needs are met in a healthy and safe environment," said Superintendent Dr. Brian Osborne.  "We prioritize continuing approaches that are working, and then we look at what enhancements we can make to better support all our students."

    Questions about any aspect of the proposed budget can be emailed to the district at budgetquestions@nredlearn.org.

    Osborne stressed that the community's involvement is important. "The input that we receive matters, and we appreciate the engagement of the community."


    City School District of New Rochelle
  • Rent the Runway making prom magic for seniors

    New Rochelle High School seniors will have the opportunity to walk into their prom in June dressed in free high-end designer clothes, courtesy of Jennifer Hyman, a NRHS alum and CEO of Rent the Runway.

    Hyman, Class of 1998, made the generous offer in October when she was inducted into the New Rochelle High School Wall of Fame. She said the gift was her way of giving back to her alma mater, where she developed the confidence to face the world.

    Rent the Runway is a successful New York City-based online service that provides designer dresses and accessories for rent at a fraction of the retail price. The company also has a handful of stores in major U.S. cities, including New York City.

    On Friday, March 24, starting at 8 p.m., Rent the Runway's flagship store at 30 W. 15th Street will be open exclusively to NRHS seniors. Students can visit the store to select dresses and accessories.

    Students who are unable to go to the store will receive a free promo code that will allow them to rent their dresses and accessories entirely online. Their selections will then be mailed to their homes.

    "That will be a lot of pressure off parents because it's very expensive to dress for the prom," said NRHS Principal Reggie Richardson. "With Rent the Runway, every girl can dress in high quality designer clothes. Jen is giving our students the opportunity to experience a rite of passage that isn't affordable to everyone in our community."

    This is the second time that Hyman has provided prom dresses to NRHS seniors. She made the offer last year as well, but because the announcement came in May, most students had already made arrangements for their prom dresses. Only 80 students availed themselves of the opportunity.

    Richardson said details of the Rent the Runway offer came early enough this year to greatly increase the likelihood of participation. 

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • Jefferson teachers moving beyond traditional methods

    At a recent meeting, teachers and administrators from Jefferson Elementary School shared with the Board of Education how professional learning strategies are impacting classroom instruction. The instructional practices they discussed were student-driven and focused on the application of acquired information, as well as problem solving.

    When discussing literacy instruction, Principal Kimmerly Nieves shared that teachers at Jefferson are going beyond traditional methods. She was particularly excited about the success students are having when they use an instructional practice called accountable talk.  Accountable talk involves collaborative discussion among students and includes repeating what was read, clarifying the meaning, making connections and revising understanding upon further reflection.

    Teacher Stefanie Syken shared how Jefferson teachers are supporting their students in mathematical investigations that are leading to higher understandings. The guiding principle of these investigations is that students come to school with existing ideas about numbers and then build upon those ideas when provided with the proper environment, interaction and support.

    Regardless of the subject, the students at Jefferson are being provided with valuable opportunities to talk with their peers about their ideas, discuss different viewpoints and continually add to their prior knowledge. And through ongoing professional development and colleague support, educators are learning how to better support their students in their investigations and discoveries.

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • New Rochelle schools host immigration workshops

    Hundreds of local residents packed New Rochelle High School and Columbus Elementary School last month to attend immigration rights workshops held just days after the Trump administration announced measures that would greatly expand the deportation of illegal immigrants. The workshops were planned in response to anxiety expressed by residents who were hearing rumors about immigration raids.

    At NRHS, three student groups - Hispanic Culture Club, United Cultures Club and Newcomer Ambassadors - asked the school to host a workshop. Columbus Elementary opened its doors after Councilman Louis Trangucci reached out to Principal Michael Galland and voiced the need to come together to squash rumors and reassure residents that New Rochelle is a welcoming and caring community that values all law-abiding people and families.

    "Many families are terrified. There is uncertainty, fear and confusion about what the authorities will or will not do, and that stress is being absorbed by children," said Galland. "As educators, our duty is to nurture children emotionally, socially and intellectually."

    More than 500 people attended the Feb. 16 immigration forum at Columbus Elementary, which included a presentation by The Westchester Hispanic Coalition that addressed issues related to immigration laws. Graciela Heyman, the executive director, spoke about the rights of immigrants and offered advice on how to respond when face-to-face with immigration officials.

    Commissioner Patrick Carroll and Captain Adrian Navarrete of the New Rochelle Police Department were present to reassure residents that police officers would continue to focus on the safety of the community.

    More than 200 people attended the workshop at NRHS on Feb. 15. It included a presentation on scholarship opportunities for undocumented students, including those who were brought to the United States as children, currently covered under the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

     The discussion was led by representatives of the CUNY Becas scholarship program and The Guidance Center of Westchester. The Hudson Valley Community Coalition also provided information on DACA and undocumented immigrants.

     Officer Edward Martinez of the New Rochelle Police Department addressed the gathered families and told them that officers would not pursue immigrants or ask them to produce documents. Rather, he said, the focus would continue to be on fighting crime.

     Gustavo Barbosa, house principal at NRHS, said the evening was successful because of the support by Superintendent Dr. Brian Osborne and other district officials.

     "Not many school districts are willing to provide this level of support to immigrant families," said Barbosa. "In New Rochelle, we really understand that what happens in our community has a direct impact on our students' academic performance and how they feel when they come to school. That's why it was important to reach out."

    City School District of New Rochelle

Isaac E. Young Middle School

Message from the Principal

I love this time of year, as we get ready to see our wonderful students again. Our first day for students is Wednesday, September 6th, and I cannot wait to meet our new 6th graders and see our 7th and 8th graders. We are so proud of the work our staff has done in preparation for September, and our courses and programs will be even better at bringing a joyous and academic enriching experience to ALL STUDENTS at Isaac E Young Middle School. I encourage families to join me in this exciting year, and call, write, or visit us regularly. Please check the schedule for the first day of school.

Grade 6 - 8:30-10:30

Grade 7- 10:00-11:00

Grade 8- 11:00-12:00

We will begin regular classes (full day) on Thursday, September 7th. I wish you all the very best.

Anthony Bongo


Me encanta esta época del año, ya que estamos listos para ver a nuestros maravillosos estudiantes de nuevo. Nuestro primer día para los estudiantes es el miércoles, 6 de septiembre, y no puedo esperar para conocer a nuestros nuevos estudiantes de 6to grado y ver a nuestros estudiantes de 7º y 8º grado. Estamos muy orgullosos del trabajo que nuestro personal ha hecho en preparación para septiembre, y nuestros cursos y programas serán aún mejores para traer una experiencia enriquecedora y académica a TODOS LOS ESTUDIANTES en la Escuela Intermedia Isaac E Young. Animo a las familias a que se unan a mí en este año emocionante, y llamen, escriban o visiten regularmente. Por favor revise el horario del primer día de escuela.

Grado 6 - 8: 30-10:30

Grado 7-10: 00-11:00

Grado 8-11: 00-12:00

Comenzaremos las clases regulares (día completo) el jueves 7 de septiembre. Te deseo lo mejor.

Anthony Bongo

School Announcements

  • The parent portal is open and you may view your child's initial schedule

    Dear parents/guardians, 
    The parent portal is open and you may view your child's initial schedule. Please note, schedules are subject to change. Schedules will be given to students at IEYMS on the first full day of school, Thursday, September 7th. Please contact the school counseling office should you require further assistance.
    Thank you
    Isaac E. Young Middle School
  • The parent portal will officially open on August 30th

    Dear Parents/Guardian:

    The parent portal will officially open on August 30th. This additional time is needed to finalize schedules. Please contact the school should you have additional questions.

    Thank You,

    The IEYMS Administrative Team

    Isaac E. Young Middle School
  • Come Observe the Solar Eclipse!

    Head over to McKenna Football Field at New Rochelle High School at 2:30 pm on Monday August 21st to observe a Solar Eclipse!  Special glasses will be handed out to all who attend.  Additionally, telescopes with filters will also be available for observing.  If you have any questions please send an email to smisner@nredlearn.org or bzeller@nredlearn.org.  All parents, students, and community members are encouraged to attend!!  Don't miss this rare event!!

    Isaac E. Young Middle School
  • Six IEYMS artists are FIT for SUCCESS this Summer

    Six graduating eighth grade students at Isaac E. Young Middle School will get a taste of college life this summer as they prepare to take art classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY) in New York City.  The students were chosen on merit and their demonstrated commitment to improving their craft as artists.  In the wake of New York state’s newly announced Excelsior Program, which allows middle income families to send their children to state funded colleges tuition free, these 8th graders will get a first-class introduction to the college experience. FIT has long been recognized internationally as one of the most prestigious colleges for its’ fashion design, art design, and international marketing programs. The students are being sponsored by a number of staff and administrators at IEYMS including: art teachers Claudia Cassone, Michael Fry, and Isabel Maldonado; math teacher, Calvin Heyward; Assistant Principal Daniel Gonzalez, and Principal Dr. Anthony Bongo.

    Isaac E. Young Middle School
  • Isaac E. Young Middle School "Money Makers" win 2017 Stock Market Competition

    For the second time in as many years a group of students from Isaac E. Young Middle School (New Rochelle) has won the Spring 2017 New York State: Lower Hudson Valley/Westchester County Stock Market Game.  The team composed of 6th graders, Kaediah Barratt, Joseph Ulgalde-Aguilar, and Brittani Varela, finished first out of 206 middle school teams, and ranked 17th out of 1940 high school and middle school teams combined in their region.  The national program starts each team out with a $100,000 to manage through investments in the stock market over a twelve-week period.  Teams are ranked not only on their net profits compared to other groups, but also by their profit percentages as compared to the S&P 500 index.  The team from IEYMS, who took on the nickname, "The Money Makers", finished with $115,775 in their portfolio, 12 % above the S&P 500 index.  

    The group was guided by their math teacher, and advisor for the project, Calvin Heyward. This is the fourth time in his tenure as an educator in New Rochelle that Mr. Heyward has seen one his groups capture top honors in the program.  In any other given year, he's also seen a number of his student teams finish in the top ten in the final standings.  "What I've always loved about this program is that it gives students a chance to apply learned skills to real world economics," Heyward says.  "All too often you hear about young people graduating college, but they're tens-of-thousands dollars in debt, and don't know how to balance a checking account or compare credit card terms because no one has taken the time to teach them basic economics."  "The Money Makers" took a very assertive, but measured approach to picking their stocks.  They simply looked for stocks that were trending upwards over the three months prior to the competition, with price points between $10 and $20.  Three of their best stocks included Ultra Clean Holdings (UCTT), Lands’ End (LE), and Kratos Defense and Security Systems (KTOS).  While the competition ended April 28, 2017, those stocks continued to rise and would have netted the group an additional $8,000 as of the close of stock market on June 12th.  

    As part of an exit quiz for all his math students, even those not involved with the Stock Market Game, Mr. Heyward asked, "Suppose in the 5th grade you received one share of stock in Samsung Electronics when it was worth $1.3 million dollars and now see that one share is worth $2.4 million in 2017. What would you do with the extra $1.1 million dollars?" While many students gave admirable answers about buying homes for their families, helping the homeless, and donating to other charities, Mr. Heyward was happiest with students who said they'd reinvest the money.  Yazmin Alvarez explained, "With the extra $1.1 million I would buy another share to make more money, so I’m investing to have money whenever I need it."  Alberto Godoy echoed similar thoughts when he said, "I would buy more stocks with the $1.1 million dollars, so I could get more money, and with the rest give it to my children.” Mr. Heyward added, "In some ways I don't care about how the teams rank in the competition.  The real joy comes in getting middle schoolers to understand that they can make money work for them, instead of them simply working for it.  When someone understands that, they can build a better life for their family, and a stronger community for others."

    Isaac E. Young Middle School
  • Washington, D.C. School Trip 2018

    Space still available! There's still time to join your classmates on our trip to Washington, D.C. Trip dates: May 16-18, 2018. Registration Deadline: June 6, 2017. Sign up today! Trip ID: 146914

    Sign up today to receive the spring early registration discount!

    Easy Ways to Sign Up for the Trip:

    -Online: worldstrides.com/signup

    -Phone: call WorldStrides Customer Service at 800-468-5899

    -Mail - use the student invitation you received from your teacher

    Questions? Contact: Tony Martino at amartino@nredlearn.org

    Missed the Parent Meeting and need more information? Text: WashingtonDC   To: 99000

    For the trip video, program highlights, & information on financial assistance programs.

    (test message are intended for subscribers over the age of 13. Message and data rates may apply. You may opt out of any future messages at any time by texting STOP to short code 99000.

    Isaac E. Young Middle School
  • The IEY Drama Club Presents "Timeless Tales", June 9th, 7PM

    The IEY Drama Club Presents "Timeless Tales"

    The Emperor’s New Clothes
    The Ugly Duckling
    The Princess and the Pea
    The Little Mermaid

    Friday, June 9th, 7:00 pm

    Isaac E. Young Middle School Auditorium, 270 Centre Avenue, New Rochelle

    Save the DATE!

    Tickets:         $6 Adults       $5 Seniors     $3 Students

    Children Three and Under free!

    Isaac E. Young Middle School
  • IEY Solidarity on behalf of an ill staff member

    Isaac E. Young Middle School
  • Music Improv Camp July 10-14, 2017

    Music Improv Camp July 10-14, 2017  



    WHERE:  Albert LEONARD MIDDLE SCHOOL                 WHEN:  July 10th – 14th, 2017


     To sign up or for more information, please visit

    www.MusicImprovCamp.com or ask your music teacher




                            DONDE: Albert Leonard Middle School

                            CUANDO: July 10 - 14, 2017

                     QUIEN: New Rochelle Students,  6th – 12th Grade

                            PRECIO: GRATIS!!!

     Para enrolar o para mas informacion, por favor visitawww.MusicImprovCamp.com o preguntale a su professor de musica                       


    Isaac E. Young Middle School
  • Únete con Girls Inc. Westchester en la escuela IEYMS!

    Girls Inc. Westchester inspira a todas las niñas a ser fuertes, inteligentes y decididas. A continuación los dos programas para después de clases GRATIS que serán proporcionados este año.  Estos programas están abiertos a todas las niñas del octavo (8) grado, pero el espacio es limitado!

     Operación SMART- miércoles 2:15- 3:15 PM
    Girls Inc. Westchester Operación SMART prepara a las niñas para los retos de la secundaria de STEM (ciencias, tecnología, ingeniería y matemáticas) en un ambiente práctico, divertido.  Como el objetivo es inspirar y generar confianza, las chicas se animaran a explorar el mundo alrededor de ellas y la posibilidad de hacer carreras en STEM. Las chicas construirán circuitos, exploraran las propiedades del agua, escucharan sonidos de la ballena y realizarán y construirán.

    Habilidades para la vida- miércoles 2:15- 3:15 PM
    Girls Inc. Westchester’s Life Skills Program; ayuda a las niñas a desarrollar la inteligencia emocional, virtudes de carácter y conductas positivas que permiten a las niñas  a afrontar efectivamente las demandas y desafíos de la vida cotidiana. Nuestro plan de estudios inspira a las niñas a tomar decisiones informadas sobre su salud, educación y bienestar, resistir presiones, establecer y alcanzar ambos objetivos, a corto plazo y largo plazo, aumentar el amor por el aprendizaje y aumentar la resiliencia ante obstáculos.

    Nuestro ciclo de programación es del 25 de enero al 16 de marzo de 2017.

    Para obtener más información, póngase en contacto
    Ms. Angélica Guel, Room 332, (914) 576-4346, aguel@nredlearn.org


    Isaac E. Young Middle School

Calendar of Events

  • NRHS Extended Day Program Starts

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • Jefferson PTA Fall Book Fair Week

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • Jefferson Cares Week

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • NRHS Senior Guidance Overview

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • Board of Education Meeting -- Committee of the Whole

    Central Administration, Carew Room 6:00 p.m.

    City School District of New Rochelle
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Summer Reading 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians:         

            We congratulate our students on the completion of a successful school year and look forward to greeting them again in September!  In preparation for the upcoming school year, students have been given a summer reading assignment that will foster their love for reading and serve as a continuum for learning.

            This summer we are asking students to select their own reading book and they will be provided with a list of titles to help guide their selection.  Students will be asked to identify the genre of the book and analyze how their selected title fits into that genre.  Additionally, students entering grades 7 and 8 will locate a non-fiction article related to an aspect of their reading and respond to questions on that article.  Students have been provided with a copy of the assignment. 

            When students begin school in the fall, we expect that they come prepared with the completed assignment, as it will be the first graded English Language Arts assignment for the new school year.

            If you have any questions or need assistance with the assignment, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Thank you for your support and enjoy your summer!

Sincerely, Dr. Anthony Bongo, Principal




Our Mission

Built by the Past, Ready for the Future...
"Our mission as the Isaac E. Young Middle School Community is to provide personalized learning opportunities that promote a high standard for academic success and creativity, as well as critical and independent thinking in a safe and healthy environment. Students will become responsible and respectful citizens who are lifelong learners and contributing members of their society and who meet the challenges of a diverse and changing world."

Construido por el Pasado, Listo para el Futuro\
Nuestra misión, como la Comunidad Escolar de Isaac E. Young, es proporcionar oportunidades de aprendizaje personalizado que promuevan un nivel alto para éxito académico y creatividad, así como pensamientos lógicos e independientes en un ambiente seguro y saludable.  Los estudiantes se convertirán en ciudadanos responsables y respetuosos y serán estudiantes de por vida y miembros contribuyentes de su sociedad y quienes cumplan con los retos de un mundo diverso y cambiante.

Modern Youngster School Newspaper

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