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Mission Statement

Built by the Past, Ready for the Future
Our mission as the Isaac E. Young Middle School Community is to provide personalized learning opportunities that promote a high standard for academic success and creativity, as well as critical and independent thinking in a safe and healthy environment. Students will become responsible and respectful citizens who are lifelong learners and contributing members of their society and who meet the challenges of a diverse and changing world.
Construido por el Pasado, Listo para el Futuro\
Nuestra misión, como la Comunidad Escolar de Isaac E. Young, es proporcionar oportunidades de aprendizaje personalizado que promuevan un nivel alto para éxito académico y creatividad, así como pensamientos lógicos e independientes en un ambiente seguro y saludable.  Los estudiantes se convertirán en ciudadanos responsables y respetuosos y serán estudiantes de por vida y miembros contribuyentes de su sociedad y quienes cumplan con los retos de un mundo diverso y cambiante.
Squanto, also known as Tisquantum, was a Native American of the Patuxet tribe who acted as an interpreter and guide to the Pilgrim settlers at Plymouth during their first winter in the New World. Squanto met the Pilgrims on March 22, 1621, accompanied by Massasoit and Quadequina. He negotiated peace and commercial ties with the English exiles. Squanto arranged truces and trade deals among the Plymouth Colony and various regional Indian leaders. This fruitful peace lasted five decades. Squanto also taught the Pilgrims how to catch eels, plant corn more efficiently and convert fish into fertilizer. 
In a world where each of us is called to help one another, we are also required to give thanks to one another. It is through mutual friendships and shared differences that civilization grows and prospers. It is by many different people coming together for a common goal that all of us become enriched and better. As we prepare for Thanksgiving, let us embrace each other with all our differences and shortcomings. Let us look for what we have that binds us and not what separates us. It is time to thank those around us who have shared in our lives and made us improve. There is no better example than that of the IEY community. We are one from many and we share a common goal--to be the best we can be and help one another, as well as ourselves.
Squanto, también conocido como Tisquantum, era un nativo americano de la tribu Patuxet que actuó como intérprete y guía a los colonos Peregrinos en Plymouth durante su primer invierno en el Nuevo Mundo. Squanto reunió a los peregrinos el 22 de marzo, 1621, acompañado de Massasoit y Quadequina. Negoció la paz y las relaciones comerciales con los exiliados ingleses. Squanto organizó treguas y acuerdos comerciales entre la Colonia de Plymouth y varios líderes indígenas regionales. Esta fructífera paz duró cinco décadas. Squanto también enseñó a los peregrinos cómo capturar anguilas, maíz planta más eficiente y convertir peces en abono.

En un mundo en el que cada uno de nosotros está llamado a ayudarse unos a otros, también estamos obligados a dar gracias a unos de otros. Es a través de la amistad mutuos y compartir las diferencias que la civilización crece y prospera. Es por muchas personas diferentes que se unen por un objetivo común que todos nosotros enriquecido, y mejor. Mientras nos preparamos para la acción de gracias, vamos a abrazamos unos a otros, con todas nuestras diferencias y deficiencias. Echemos un vistazo a lo que tenemos que nos une y no lo que nos separa. Es el momento de agradecer a los que nos rodean que han compartido en nuestras vidas y nos ha hecho mejor. No hay mejor ejemplo que el de la comunidad IEY. Somos uno de los muchos, y compartimos un objetivo común - que es el mejor que podemos ser, y ayudarnos unos a otros, así ayudamos a nosotros mismos.

Astorino Challenge in Education (ACE)
Westchester County Executive, the Honorable Robert Astorino, will renew the Astorino Challenge in Education (ACE) this year. Students who accept the challenge will have the opportunity to receive a free season pass to Playland.  The ACE Challenge is a way to encourage Westchester’s students in grades 6-12 to do their very best in the classroom from the beginning of the school year to the very end. To win the free season pass to Playland, students must achieve one of the three following benchmarks in the 2015-2016 school year:

Final G.P.A of 3.8, 95 percent or A average, or better.
- or -
Perfect attendance for the entire school year.
- or -
Improve grades a full grade point, letter or 10-percentage-point improvement from last year’s final report card (The G.P.A this year must be at least a 2.0, percent or C average).

We encourage all students to work hard in school and commit to meeting County Executive Astorino’s Challenge in Education. To accept the challenge, students must register online at the
Astorino Challenge in Education (ACE) Website. You will receive an email confirmation message that they have received your registration information. To win the challenge, students will need to provide validation of their achievement from their school. The free season pass to Playland is good from the date of issue in June 2016 until the end of the season in September 2016 and includes free admission to the park and unlimited rides.

Scholastic Book Fair in Library
It's that time of the year again! The IEYMS Library will host the Scholastic Book Fair from November 30th through December 4th 2015 for students. Classes are scheduled to come in to the Library during the week through the English/Language Arts/Reading/Special Ed teachers. Visits will be for 20 minutes, either the first or second half of the period. We will also host a Staff Preview Day on Wednesday, November 25th. The book fair will be open from 8:15 until 3:00 every day.

PTA Fall Events Calendar
Please Click Here to see the exciting events we have planned for October, November and December

Por favor
Haga Clic Aqui para ver los fascinantes eventos que tenemos planiados para Octubre, Noviembre, y Diciembre.

Important Update from our CSDNR Health department:
New York State Dept. of Health (NYSDOH) has released new immunization requirements for school entry in September 2014.  The students most effected are Kindergarten students and 6th grade Middle School students. If you have any questions please contact the CSDNR Health office (914) 576-4264. Please click on the links below for important details.

Home Access Center is Available for Parents/Guardians
To register, parents/gaurdians can make an appointment by calling the CSDNR Technology Department at 576-4209.

Centro de Acceso del Hogar está Disponible para Padres/Guardianes
Para inscribirse, los padres/gaurdians pueden hacer una cita llamando al Departamento de Tecnología CSDNR al 576-4209.

Capital Projects Bond Vote December 15

Letter Regarding Bond Proposition from Board President Lianne Merchant

Click the link below to read a message from Board President Lianne Merchant regarding the capital bond public forum on October 22, 2015 where a proposed proposition authorizing the issuance of $49,529,094 in a capital projects bond will be discussed.

Letter from Board President Merchant

Planetarium Holiday Show: Season of Light

Season of Light explores the reasons humans are so fascinated with lighting up lives during the December holiday season.  Join us at the NRHS Planetarium on Dec. 19 at 4 PM; Dec. 21 at 7 PM; or Dec. 23 at 7 PM.

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There will be a Public Hearing on Smart Schools Bond Act Fund on November 24 at 7:45 PM at:

 Isaac E. Young Middle School, 270 Centre Avenue, New Rochelle



Pioneering Use of Technology Transforms Teaching in New York Schools

Click here to read Superintendent Dr. Brian Osborne's latest Huffington Post article.

My Brother's Keeper

On April 29, 2015, New Rochelle officially accepted President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge and in effect, MBK New Rochelle was formed. MBK New Rochelle is being led as a partnership between the City of New Rochelle and the City School District of New Rochelle.

MBK Interim Report

MBK Promotional Flyer English/Spanish

Six NRHS Students Named National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists

Congratulations Eli Sills, Taylor Ullrich, Oliver Hughes, Rebecca Meisler, Sammy Stone and Gabrielle Altman.


Three NRHS Students Receive Perfect Score on ACT

Congratulations Eli Sills, Adam Itzkowitz, and Benjamin Greenfield.


The City School District of New Rochelle now provides an easy to use solution for online payments for Grades 6-12 Metro Cards and the K-12 Food Service Lunch Program. The CSNDR Web Store provides a secure, simple way for you to make payments online.

By logging onto https://nred.revtrak.net  you have 24/7 access to make quick easy payments. The CSDNR Web Store accepts debit or credit cards from Discover, Visa, and MasterCard. A non-refundable processing service fee of 4.16% will be applied at checkout.

For full instructions, please open the attached file.

CSDNR Web Store -Directions.pdf
CSDNR on Social Media

CSDNR Parent Home Access Center

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Paperless Board Meetings

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