Program Highlights

 This webpage highlights the many exiciting happenings at IEYMS!!

HP GRANT  The Green Invasion: RIPP (Removal of Invasive Plants Project)
The RIPP project is a collaboration between Hewlett Packard and students at New Rochelle High School and Isaac E. Young Middle School. Combining the best of technology and research tools with a real-world environmental project which benefits our community, RIPP is equipping students to "BE the change" - to improve their world. We use innovative technologies and methodologies, as well as volunteerism to engage high school, middle school, ELL and inclusion students in collaborative, active learning. Please see our website which illustrates our progress as we research invasive plants in 3 biomes around New Rochelle: Woodland, Marshland, and Coastal regions.

Website link:
Grant Team Members: Julia Chillemi, Dr. Christine Coleman, Claudia Gianserra, Vitoria Guarino, Marselle Heywood, Joyce Kent, Tawanda Mann, Andrew Manning, Lyda Martinelli, Patricia McCue, Megan Reed

For further information, please contact, Marselle Heywood, IEYMS Science Dept. Chairperson:


Video conferencing is a successful instructional technology initiative at IEYMS. Students and teachers connect with content providers from around the world! Our video conferences include connections with:

The National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY

NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH

The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH

Australia's Great Barrier Reef

The Discovery Center of Springfield Missouri

"It's like bringing a field trip to the people and allows for a more equitable experience. This extends knowledge that can not be achieved in the traditional classroom."  - IEYMS 6th grade Social Studies teacher