Support Services - School Psychologist/Social Worker

Welcome to the Pupil Personnel Services webpage. We provide a continuum of support services to students, their families, and school personnel. 

School Psychologists provide important support to assist students in achieving maximal benefits from their educational programs. This support comes in the form of;
* prevention
* consultation with teachers and/or parents
* psychological and other assessments
* school based counseling
* crisis intervention
* other services

School Social Workers are resources for the delivery of school-based support services, working as liaisons between schools, families, and community programs and agencies. Emphasis placed on collaboration and coordination of serves. By utilizing the social history, and other assessments, Social Workers collaborate with parents, teachers and other staff as part of a multi-disciplinary team in interpreting children's needs. They assist parents to become positively involved in their child's total educational experience. School Social Workers provide counseling to students individually and in groups, crisis intervention, parent education, and consultative services. They facilitate classroom-based and school-wide programs. School Social Workers also serve as vital resources to the district in the area of child abuse prevention, recognition and reporting.


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