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Growing Minds of All Kinds

Mission Statement: What we do and why we do it

Within a caring and empowering culture of equity and excellence, we commit to providing  every student a high quality, engaging and appropriately challenging education that prepares  students for high school and beyond and contributes to the development of adults who can  lead their best lives.  

Vision Statement: What we hope to achieve 

A high performing school where students create, lead, wonder, question, advocate, and love  to learn; educators inspire learning; and an active partnership among parents, staff, and  students is valued.

Core Purpose

Contribute to the development of students who are prepared to make meaningful  contributions to an ever-changing global society and who are prepared to achieve their  personal best lives with dignity, integrity, and confidence. 

Core Values 

Learning: We believe that we must engage every learner every day in a caring and joyous  learning community where students can continue to develop the ability to: question, wonder,  imagine, lead, think critically, create, advocate for themselves and others, make mistakes, self correct, and develop their agency. Therefore, we will honor the development of the whole  child by focusing on all aspects of a child’s education, including academic growth,  extracurricular pursuits, social-emotional resilience, and physical well-being. We will engage  students in authentic problem solving and inquiry, expose students to different perspectives  and points of view, encourage risk-taking, and provide opportunities for students to contribute  to their own learning and the learning of others within a collaborative and innovative learning  environment. 

Relationships: We believe that collaboration and voice is important to our success. Strong  partnerships built on inclusion, trust, and communication strengthens our ability to effectively  educate all students. Therefore, we will strive to foster active partnerships that are inclusive of  students, parents, staff, and the community.  

Respect: We believe that every child is unique and adds value to our learning community. The  diversity of our cultures, experiences, interests, perspectives, backgrounds, talents, and skills  are an asset that makes us stronger and allows for deeper levels of learning. Therefore, we will  listen to each other and exchange ideas in respectful ways. We will model and expect  kindness, civility, and positive and respectful interactions. 

Excellence: We believe that having high standards is necessary to ensure that all students are  ready for the future. Therefore, we commit to practices that are inclusive and responsive to  the needs of all learners. We will strive for continuous improvement and hold ourselves and  each other accountable to the highest standards of teaching and learning. We will create  conditions for teachers to teach students as individuals within a community of learners and  focus on developing and delivering instruction that provides all students with the opportunity  to learn deeply, grow, evolve, and thrive. 

Equity: We believe that all students matter and enrich the school community. Outcomes and  opportunities should not be determined by race, ethnicity, gender, or socio-economic status.  Therefore, we will use our resources in ways that promote and sustain the growth and  achievement of all our students. We will hold high-expectations for all students and staff. We  will strive to eliminate school-based barriers that impede school success and replace them  with equitable and responsive practices that allow all students to achieve the best possible  outcomes. 

As a school community, we are committed to our purpose and the importance of our work as  educators. We will strive to meet the needs of every learner, every day.