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Dear IEYMS Families,

It is my pleasure to serve as principal of Isaac E. Young Middle School. We are committed to creating and sustaining a culture of equity and excellence. We commit to providing  every student with a high quality, engaging and appropriately challenging education that prepares  students for high school and beyond and contributes to the development of adults who can  lead their best lives.  At IEYMS, we believe that we must engage every learner every day in a caring and joyous  learning community where students can continue to develop the ability to: question, wonder,  imagine, lead, think critically, create, advocate for themselves and others, make mistakes, self correct, and develop their agency. Therefore, we will honor the development of the whole  child by focusing on all aspects of a child’s education, including academic growth,  extracurricular pursuits, social-emotional resilience, and physical well-being. We will engage  students in authentic problem solving and inquiry, expose students to different perspectives  and points of view, encourage risk-taking, and provide opportunities for students to contribute  to their own learning and the learning of others within a collaborative and innovative learning  environment.  Our scholars have so much potential and we will strive to meet them where they are and to support their development as they continue to grow and learn at the Castle. We encourage you to become our partners as parents. We look forward to a fabulous and exciting school year! Please check our website under Our School and Family and Community for our Castle Newsletter.

Dr. Robinson, Principal